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IELTS Basic in a nutshell

Are you going to take IELTS exam? Are you feeling nervous? Are you not aware of how to prepare for it or where to start from?  Well, do not worry, here, you can find all information about IELTS exam. You do not have to spend hours and hours in reading about what is this test about and why it is necessary or how can take this test etc. we have compiled information here solely for the students or the test takers like you who is looking for the best resources to know about it and find a way to prepare for it without facing any sort of trouble.

So, let us begin with the basics


What is IELTS?


It stands for International English Language Testing System.

Who manages IELTS?  


IELTS is managed by three main institutions. The British Council
IDP: IELTS Australia
University of Cambridge ESOL Examination (Cambridge ESOL)


Who shall take IELTS test?


It is a test which you shall take if you are aiming at studying in one of the best English universities in countries like UK, USA, and Australia etc. Even if you are looking for immigrating to an English country then you will have to take this test.

What is the purpose of the test? Why is this test necessary?


It is a test which examines the level of the English language. If you have an aim to study in English college or university abroad then for that purpose you need to know English language as well. It is just common because to be able or live, study or work in any English speaking country, speaking in English is just necessary and if you do not have English skills in you then surely you will face problems. Universities may want you to be very proficient in making use of English language. They may come to know of your level of English language only by looking at your scores. If you get a good band score in this English test then it would mean that your English language is good and if you do not get a good score then it would certainly mean that you will hve to work on improvement of your language and then apply for the test again to be able to study or live in any English country.

Can anyone whose English is good get through this IETLS test – the trusted English language assessment test?


Well, if English is your first language then certainly  it can be easier for you to get through but if English is your second language or  a foreign language for you then you may feel a bit difficulty in getting through this. Nine times out of ten, it happens that the applicants for whom English is a foreign language or not the medium of instructions in the early, face a lot of difficulties.

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